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The Love Story of Thistle Hill Ranch

Our ranch, located in Horse Country USA, also known as Whitesboro, Texas, was originally settled in the1850's by the same family we purchased it from in 2014.

Our feeling is you really don't own land like this.  Instead, you are just a temporary steward.  With that as our philosophy, we always tread lightly and make decisions that only enhance the property.  We know that one day, another family member will take the reins.  We hope to leave it better than we found it.

You know how sometimes things just fall into place, perfectly?  That is what happened to us!  We knew we wanted some land and the lifestyle that comes with it.  We never imagined how our search would take us on a journey that ended with finding much more than we could have ever imagined.

After searching for many months for the perfect place, we became discouraged.  If the properties had a nice home, they had unmanageable land with no trees or no view.  Or they were over developed with barns and facilities we would never use.


 Then, a new listing appeared.  Could this be our new place?  It seemed too good to be true from the listing details!  We read this listing over and over trying to figure out if it was real. Ten minutes after it was listed, we had an appointment to come see it the next morning.  Upon driving in, we were immediately impressed with the huge cattle guard entrance that transverses a creek, surrounded by huge pecan trees.  We felt like we were in a park!  The trees were not listed on the real estate advertisement...  Then we noticed a running creek bisects the property. That wasn't listed either. Fenced hay pasture!  So many things not listed on the real estate listing.   


The seller wanted to stay and meet us.  What a treat it was to meet her.  She invited us into her home and told us the story of Thistle Hill Ranch.  Plenty of funny stories to share with you on my blog, for sure!


We absolutely knew after driving across that big ole cattle guard, we were home... 

So, my husband and our two boys moved from the city out to the country where our adventure began.

And when I say 'things fell into place'.  I really mean it.  I feel God led us to our forever home here at the ranch. I can't wait to share what I mean by this on my blog.


A lot goes on at Thistle Hill Ranch daily.  From managing a herd of cattle, working with all the horses, to finishing up the new farmhouse, and consulting with clients.  Not to mention, homeschooling our two boys.  I sometimes wonder how everything gets done.

Designing interior spaces is a passion of mine.  From the age of about six, I was rearranging the furniture in my room.  Much to the pleasure of my parents, I'm sure.  I really enjoy working with people and making their spaces reflect who they are.  Balancing form and function is not easy, but can be done with a little planning and thought.  From design consultations on floor plans, color selections, to flooring and surface selections, I can help!  You really can have what you want.  Let me help!  

Would you like to have your next event at the ranch?   Now available!  You can have your private wedding, corporate event, or party at Thistle Hill Ranch.

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