A Country Life for Me

Country Life can be Supremely Charming!

But surprisingly to me, it is can also seem isolated, and well,...GROSS!

So today I thought I would answer some of the most frequent questions we get asked about Country Life.

1. Do you ever feel isolated?

The answer to that is an emphatic NO!

First of all, we live 30 minutes from shopping, and 45 min to an hour from Big City shopping.

So we aren't in the middle of the mountains in remote Alaska, but we are far from real neighbors.

We all wanted to feel the freedom, quiet, and peace of country living, and yet still have modern conveniences.

Not to mention, my husband has a "city" job...so we needed to be close to a major highway.

This ranch is the perfect marriage of peace and convenience.

2. Do you have ranch hands?

Sorta Kinda...

We do have occasional help, for haying our pastures, and occasional barn help when we have school obligations, vacations, or

When We Got The FLU!!!

Commence MAJOR eye rolling...that was a nightmare...

We were all taking shifts when someone had more energy than the other, that person would go to the barn and do a little...we FINALLY called in HELP!

All of our breeding for horses and cattle is artificial insemination, so those are done with assistance from our amazing vets.

We do all the rest of the work ourselves.

This includes:

Stall Cleaning 2-3 times a day.

Feeding and Watering the Horses and Cattle 2-3 times a day.

Foaling Horses and Calving Cows

Farm Fowl Released and Put up and fed {They are put up every night to keep them safe from predators}.

Mowing, Weed Eating, and Tree removal

{I mowed for 7 hours one day...I felt like Forrest Gump..I kept mowing!}

Fence Mending

Road Maintenance...Yes, that's a thing!

We live on a little over 56 acres...and the roads in an out of the ranch and to the barns need maintaining.

Now, having said that...We do have a few folks on stand by when we are too busy.

They will mow, mend fences and do general barn work...THANK GOD!!!

Ranching is a full time job, and having school obligations and my husband an hour+ away from home each day...I'm extremely grateful for those that can take the load once in a while, when life gets in the way of ranch life.

3. How do you handle the GROSS stuff?

Well, I may be a Girly Girl, but not much grosses me out.

We've had several animals die, horses, cattle, cat, farm fowl...SIGH....it's part of ranch life!

I've been there when they've died, or found them deceased...I get sad, but not grossed out.

And my farm cats bring me "gifts"... I have a special shovel by my back porch for "gift removal"!

Snakes...they freak me out, more because I never want one to fall out of a tree on me...

YES, that happens!

Copperhead snakes lie at the bottom of trees and go up in trees where cicadas live...their food. So...snakes falling from trees IS a thing!

I'm a HUGE fan of Winter, LOL!

Snakes hibernate in Winter and don't bother you!

Bugs, Rodents, Reptiles, and Amphibians...Don't bother me at all!

I'm just not super excited if the ever get in my house, LOL!

But, I taught my boys how to catch lizards and frogs when they were little...it's never been gross to me.

Only a few days ago, I rescued a mole from one of our farm cats mouths...More because I saw him bringing it into the garage, less because they are cute...LOL!

That tiny blind thing actually was kinda cute, and they are super soft and squishy..so they are kinda cute.

We've had snapping turtles...I rescued on of our Pekin ducks from ones mouth...that was so ridiculous...those things a vicious!! I smacked it's shell with my fist, and it let our duck go...UGH!

We also have box turtles, lizards, snakes of all kinds venomous and non..and frogs and toads. We've had frogs in the pool...we have a frog log for them to escape drowning, so they are usually just uninvited swim guests at times, LOL!.

And rodents of all kinds and sizes frequent the barn and surrounding areas.


To me it's part of living here and it's really cool!

4. Would you ever move back to the city?

Nope! Nada! NEVER!!!

I LOVE living here!

I LOVE being in the country!

If we ever had to move to another state, I would still want to live in the country.

I love how my views literally lower my blood pressure and make me take a deep breath!

I love how the people out here ALL Value...

A Wave as you pass their vehicle on the road,

A Hand Shake,

A Smile,



Hard work,

And Honesty!

When we lived in the city, I felt everyone was living in this virtual world where time was endless (you're ALWAYS WORKING), there was no such thing as I'm busy...you needed to find time to do it!

Family time was secondary to work, and friendship was a text message.

And NO one had patience for anything!

Ironically, my horse came to me with the name Patience...She is a childhood dream come TRUE!

Thanks to my beautiful cousin Penny, in Pennsylvannia, for finding her for me 3 years ago!!

Me and my sweet thoroughbred horse, Patience.

I love how our life has changed for the BETTER!

Country Life is not for the Weak of Heart... Hard Work & Loss are a big part of this Life.

But Country Life is what gave me my Heart Back...I fee like I'm finally LIVING!

Thank you to all of you from Instagram that asked the questions!

I love sharing pieces of our Country Life on Instagram.

If you're new here...be sure and stop by my Instagram feed to say HI!

Thank you so much for stopping by the Ranch and letting me chat...

We all know I like to chat! LOL!

Have a FABULOUS Rest of your Weekend!