A Spring Tablescape That's Perfect for Easter

Looking for Ideas for a Spring or last minute Easter Tablescape?

Come on in the farmhouse, and let me give you a peek at ours...

I always have fun looking through my old Emily Post book for party table ideas.

I love looking at how different entertaining was then.

She references a maid several times... life was VERY different in the 50's and 60's.

But, her examples for buffet dinners, formal dinners, etc. is so nice to have,

if you are not a natural party planner, or maybe you like to have other fun ideas.

She also has great hints for everything from invitations to housekeeping that will never be antiquated!

I actually read this book cover to cover in our home-economics class in homeschooling.

It didn't go over very well with the boys, but they have referenced things they learned from it...

so it worked!

Recently, I've noticed several photos of tablescapes with the utensils in the "wrong" place.

Listen..."Wrong" is relative...

but, I was raised with Grandmothers that made Emily Post look like an amateur, LOL!

So, when I was old enough to set the table, I was taught the "correct" way, and even how to garnish platters for dinners and lunches.

This was with porcelain plates or paper, & the utensils plastic or silver, went in the "correct" place! LOL!

So, when I got my Emily Post and other antique entertaining books, there is definitely a common way to set the table, or "correct way".

Certain glasses go in a certain place above the knife, bread plate above the fork, etc.

So, I follow the way my grandmothers taught me!

Funny what is normal to you, ends up being over the top to others.

I believe there can always be a middle ground in entertaining!

I LOVE making holiday's feel formal yet very comfortable.

No one likes to feel like a fish out of water, fumbling for what fork to use...

But everyone likes to feel special!

So, if you come to Thistle Hill Ranch for a Holiday or party,

you will hopefully feel comfortable and like a welcomed guest at the ranch!

Our Easter Table

The tablescape is a mix of Casual and "Fancy" elements.

Here's how it all came together...

I leave off the tablecloth, but I always add a runner and crystal candlesticks.

The floral arrangements are usually monochromatic in color and effortless.

I pulled out my everyday white dishes, the Currier and Ives blue and white china,

my plastic gold chargers, that give that touch of glitz, 2 of my Gracious Goods bronze chargers from Horchow, for the heads of the table... this is for added texture, and the Ralph Lauren and Waterford crystal for the "fancy".

Then, I layered the dishes, and set a casual, yet elegant Country Spring tablescape.

The napkins may be monogrammed, but I loosely fold them, and placed them on each plate.

I feel like this gives a feeling of effortless elegance... Not too fancy.

So with a little bit of effort, you'll be able to relax and enjoy your family at an elegant holiday table.

All of us at Thistle Hill Ranch wish you a Happy Easter!