Grocery List for Easy Meals

I get asked a lot from my friends about grocery shopping in the country and staying stocked up, and after posting this photo of our pantry this last week, I got several questions about meal planning for rural living and crazy ranch life.

Here's the deal...

We live 10 minutes from a grocery store that's the size of a large 7-11,

and 30 minutes in each direction, East and West, to "normal" grocery stores,

you know...the ones with chicken that's not frozen, and more than 2 brands of deodorant LOL!

The problem with the "normal" grocery stores nearby, is they are 1hr. round trip, and almost $100 a pop MORE than a 1 hour South's grocery stores!

So after weighing it out for a couple years...we decided to start shopping once a week South and then split up any extras on Amazon, and if we're in the vicinity...then, pick up extra staples, (milk, eggs, etc.) at the local stores.

So, what do we stock up on?

And what snacks and meals do we make?

Here's the shopping list, it doesn't vary too much.

Needless to say, some items last for more than one week. So we add those as we run low, but the items we add weekly are the dairy, produce, and the meat items.


2 Dozen eggs

1 gallon of milk

2 cartons of half & half

1 large bag of shredded colby Jack cheese

4 boxes of cream cheese

1 large bag of shredded mozzarella

1 bag of mozzarella cheese sticks

1 -2 cans of crescent rolls

1 block of sharp cheese

feta cheese or goat cheese crumbled

greek plain non fat yogurt


1 large box of mixed greens

roma or tomatoes on the vine and cherry tomatoes

green and gala apples

a few lemons and limes

any fresh berries I buy frozen blueberries for smoothies and my yogurt

3 avacadoes

1 head of cauliflower

1 bag of brussel sprouts

1 celery stalk

4-6 russet potatoes if they are large or a bag

baby carrots

1-2 Onions of each kind: white, yellow, and purple

a couple heads of garlic

pine nuts

(I have a basil, mint and rosemary plants in the kitchen, so those are my go to herbs).


2 - 2lbs of ground beef

1 chuck roast 2lbs.

4 boneless skinless chicken breasts LARGE I usually get a few extra to freeze for the crazy busy weeks to have a fail safe option in the freezer.

1 bag of pepperoni usually by the lunch meats ( this lasts for 2 weeks)

2 all beef sausage links (we buy Holmes)

1-2 packages of all beef hot dogs (we buy Hebrew National)

1 package of bacon ( we buy Wrights)

Deli Turkey 1-2 lbs. I have 2 teenage boys LOL!

And while at the Delli they usually get Havarti and Provolone cheese

We usually add a few steaks...if they are really good and good price.


1bag of tortilla chips

1bag of Scoops Frito's

1 large bag of rice mahatma...this usually lasts us 2-3 weeks. We have a rice cooker and it gets used several days a week...must be the Hawaiian in me LOL! I personally only need a mini scoop, my guys eat a lot!

1 box of spagahetti noodles

1 box of farfalle noodles

2-3 boxes of macaroni and cheese

Texas Toast

Hot Dog Buns

Hamburger Buns (On these last 2 we buy Kings Hawaiian)

*I always have a bag of flaxseed, coconut and almond flour in my fridge or freezer. It stays fresher longer.

Canned Goods

I'm not a huge can good person, but I do purchase

stewed tomatoes

tomato paste

tomato sauce

And for those desperate nights, I use the pre-done tomato sauces in a jar and then doctor them with spices or veggies myself.

I buy in a glass jar, Kalmata olives

I also buy various soups...

tomato, chicken noodle, and my veggie soups that I like butternut squash black bean, etc.

*Breakfast items in the cart, consists of cereal, greek yogurt with fresh fruit and I add pine nuts or flax seed, smoothies, bagels and cream cheese, and Texas toast for french toast mornings.

Thank you for stopping by the ranch!

Go to the next post for a few of the Easy Meals we make with this list!