Homeschooling Mom Thoughts

It's the end of our school year and our oldest son has accepted his appointment to The United States Merchant Marine Academy. I am reflecting back on our 7 years of homeschooling, and I thought I would share some of my personal thoughts.

A Homeschooling Mom's Insecurities...

No one wants to be questioned or second guessed about their decisions on raising their children...especially their education.

Unfortunately, when you homeschool it feels worse than when parents asked my parents why they sent us to Private school VS Public school.

Our two Story Library Where Our Boys Meet With Their Tutors.

I get asked every once in a while about homeschooling.

Yet, not as much as I anticipated I would be 7 years ago when we first started. I think I envisioned lots of questions from strangers and friends, mostly questioning my/our decision.

It was kinda my decision...I was, after all, the one taking ALL the responsibility for every aspect of their education from the moment the withdrawal letter hit the school districts desk.

I quickly realized people were afraid to ask...or at least it felt that way.

Funny how sometimes it made me feel defensive and like presenting a detailed course description and full curriculum, LOL!

Unfortunately, that is the stigma we live with as homeschooling parents.

We ALL know it, and we ALL have a little internal script we're armed with whenever we get asked in a sideways manner...

Soooo, you homeschool?...

Wow, what's that like?

I'm used to it now, and it doesn't bother/worry me as much any more.

Now that I'm more secure and not as defensive about it, I realize people are genuinely curious...not judgmental.

People literally want to know...

Why did you decide to homeschool?

What's it like?

Is it hard?

Do you like it?

Would you do it all over again?

So here are some of my answers:


Because public school wasn't challenging enough, it was like pulling teeth to get answers to why my 10 year old had 3 hours worth of homework when he was a good student finished classwork, (and this wasn't unfinished work)...and a reminder..he was 10 years old!

There were torturous other stories to let's just leave it there....

Public School wasn't a good fit! I was DONE!!!

And YES, we like it...we love it!

It's fabulous seeing your children having fun while learning.... and mastering their material, instead of moving on if they only "kind of" get it, like in public school. They have learned to be in charge of their own education, be self motivated, and the best part of homeschooling for me, was when they were coming to me asking to take certain was LIFE CHANGING!

YES, I would do it all over again!

It was the best thing that happened to our family!

Having said all that...we are still a normal family...we have challenges in schedules too. Our homeschooling schedule lately has been nuts! Scheduling around tutors & life isn't always easy. But my boys have been staying on schedule and getting it all done! I'm really proud of them. Especially with our busy lifestyle. They're staying on top of all their studies, working on the ranch, volunteering weekly at a museum with veterans, and also at their part time jobs at a local feed store, all while still meeting school deadlines...They make me look good, LOL!

There's 1 homeschooling question that still makes me chuckle!

When I get asked if I think they will be able to function in a classroom environment in college, it makes me laugh!

I joke that people must think I lock them up under the stairs like Harry Potter, hand them their books, and let them out occasionally to help me in the garden, eat and go to the bathroom...

Yes, I REALLY do think people think of homeschoolers like uneducated, unsocialized, coddled human beings.

Where's the eye rolling emoji when I need it??? SIGH!!!!!

I know some homeschooling families may seem like that...but not ALL of us are. In fact I would bet MOST are just like us!!

My boys have had a very carefully planned rigorous curriculum and class schedule, taught by me and certified teachers as tutors. Our homeschool was planned in this manner so that our boys could choose their career path and be well prepared wherever they decided to go to college. They may not be in a traditional classroom daily, but they have to Time Manage Daily to get their studies completed and on time...Yes, homeschoolers have deadlines too, LOL!

Add to all of that, that my boys live on a working ranch.

And in the ranching business, there's no such thing as "ranching season"...

like sports or other extra curricular activities.

They ALWAYS have to manage school and ranch chores...and in any weather and there are NO Holiday's. Ranch animals still need to be taken care of twice daily.

My boys also choose to homeschool year round. So needless to say, they are well prepared for college & life's demanding schedules, and ever changing deadlines.


They've got this!

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