If you are new to my blog, then Welcome to the Ranch!

If you found me from Instagram, Hi, I'm so happy you're HERE!

I thought Daisy, (our darling donkey), was the PERFECT mascot for my return post!

I'm Thrilled to be Back!

A NEW Website, A NEW Blog Name, and I Can't Wait to start sharing!

I have had so much fun sharing tid-bits of our life on Instagram; but, I'm super excited to be back blogging and sharing stories about our crazy life here at Thistle Hill Ranch!

There's never a dull moment around here...

So, sit back and let me give you a tour of Thistle Hill Ranch, and a touch of our CRAZY Life!

Spring is Approaching!

Even though we went through a bizarre ice storm, I am seeing signs of Spring creeping in.

This will be our first Spring in the new farmhouse. I'm already planning outdoor flowers and spring touches around the house. The recent rains means the creek is running swiftly, our pond is full, buds are popping out in the treetops, and green blades of grass are fighting their way to the surface.

I can't wait to start picking wildflowers again!

Spring at the ranch means that we're in the middle of breeding season for the cattle. This also means we're preparing to take our bulls & steers to sale. Last years bulls will be sold soon too.

Our cattle are somewhat of a hobby, but it's something that we really enjoy and has become a great part of Thistle Hill Ranch's business. Our cattle are registered Charolais. They are beef cattle, and are considered some of the best beef for their marbling.

We keep the heifers to grow the herd and sell the bulls. So far, we've only had bulls until this last Fall, when we got our 1st Heifer...

She was born in wildflowers of course, HA!

Things are moving right along for Fall calves.

We will check the herd soon to see if re-breeding is necessary.

I made an attempt to video our prep work for breeding our cows.. thinking I was quite clever!

Commence eye rolling....

Then things went VERY WRONG!


Needless to say, I decided to put my video debut on hold!


This is my, "Look Natural...act like it's No Big Deal" face!

Ok...sorry for scarring you for life...LOL!

Think Happy Thoughts!

Let's Stop by the Farmhouse...

(Sharing a Fall photo...when everything was still green! PLEASE Spring Come SOON!)

I think I'm finally getting the house really finished...I still have artwork, drapes etc. to purchase, but I needed to breathe a minute...and so did our bank account, LOL!

If you're new to our story, then you may not know that we had our own house building company about 9 years ago. I was the designer. So building & designing homes was not new to us.

We knew we wanted this home to reflect the history of the land it sits on. Countless hours of research, pinning, etc. and we decided on this design. We met with our architect and I plopped on his desk photos and pencil drawings of the layout.

A year later, and the elevation & floor plan were finalized!

I'll share that whole story later...What a journey!

But, we couldn't be happier to be in the farmhouse, settling in, and now sharing our ranch life journey with you.

Also...We Homeschool!

I think to some people the thought of homeschooling is so foreign it's ODD.

For us it spelled M*I*R*A*C*L*E! (angels singing)

This is our 6th year homeschooling.

Everyone has different reasons for making the choice to home-school. Unfortunately, for us it was many sleepless nights, lots of tears, and heart palpitations, that lead us to take the leap!

Once we had our dream team on board for our new adventure, we were hooked!

It was the best decision we've ever made!

Everything really does happen for a reason!

Homeschooling is going really well this year!

My oldest is in 11th Grade and my youngest is in the 9th Grade. They have surpassed me in math and science...thank GOD for tutors!!

The boys keep busy, and in case your thinking it...yes, they are socially involved!

They have weekly meetings for Civil Air Patrol (a division of the United States Air Force), science labs with other kids, archery competitions, a weekly volunteering job at an Air Force Museum, and they also work part-time in a local feed store. So, in case you were thinking it... they do see other humans and other humans their own age LOL!

The boys have morning and night barn and ranch chores, which keeps them busy too.

Funny how fast time goes by now.

For years I wanted life to hurry up...I'm now looking at how fleeting this time is with our boys and I'm ever so grateful we had the fortune of stumbling into homeschooling.

It's been invaluable time with our boys.


Thank you so much to all of you that have encouraged and supported me in starting our website and blogging again!

Some of you are family & lifelong friends, and others are my sweet friends from Instagram.

I'm so HAPPY to be back, and I'm even happier to have you all join me here for tid-bits of our life at the ranch.

I'll be sharing design inspiration, new recipes, gardening and lifestyle tips. Not to mention, some photos of our sweet animals that are always willing to strike a pose.

Come Back Soon!

I'll save a rocker for you...