Inspiration is the Best Motivator

One question I get asked a lot about our lifestyle, is...

"What made you decide to move to the country?"

If you read my Instagram post this last week where I gave an introduction to me, then you know my story about my severe asthma, and how I was told country life and everything that goes with it, was impossible!

My health would prohibit it...

Our schedules too busy...

The country is too far..

The lifestyle may be pretty, but do you know anything about it?

Will your boys have friends?

Life isn't convenient there!


So, even though the answer to "how", if you know my health history, is a little more involved, the answer to the "what", is a lot less dramatic, LOL!

I think my answer to that question, is what is true for all of us!!!!

We all have DREAMS! Dreams are those inspiring, or pivotal moments in our lives that set our course.

I had many opportunities to see the "country life", and it always felt like HOME!

You know, that feeling of complete calm, that deep breath in your soul...

That was the feeling I had every time I got out of the city and into open spaces, rolling hills, and fresh air.

"that deep breath in your soul"

It all started here!

Down the road from my grandparent's Colorado summer cabin, their best friends lived on a farm, that we frequented each summer. I couldn't get enough of their barn kittens, horses, large cottonwood trees, rolling hills and fields of alfalfa.

It was HEAVEN!

Uncle Frank & Aunt Evelyn's old farm at the base of the Colorado mountains (Image from Google maps)

We called them Aunt & Uncle, because the were family of the heart.

Their home, is where I first knew that the country is where I was meant to be!

Midnight, their jet black Shire horse, loved apples, and let us ride her bare back.

Aunt Evelyn made homemade lemon ice cream and cinnamon rolls, and always had a warm hug, treats, and cats for us to play with!

Uncle Frank, always had his straw cowboy hat on, was usually sitting on his tractor, and the biggest smile to greet us each visit.

Their home was down the road from the closest thing to heaven I ever grandparents Colorado cabin.

So, as my life continued, the cabin and all it's magic were no longer part of my life, and my boys got older, I knew that country life was how I would get that magic back in my life.

I wanted to give my boys a wonderful plays to grow up in, with memories of green grass, farm animals to love, and hopefully a little magic.

I guess I always knew my life would consist of sitting in a swing with a cat in my lap, and sleepy horses at my feet.

I also knew my boys would love that life too!

My oldest son 3 years ago, as our girls watched over him!

So, when I get asked about the HOW and the WHAT, I guess I am always drawn back to one story...

Something that always stuck with me growing up, was my Dad's story of speaking with his great grandfather, when he came home from college.

His great grandfather, that everyone called "Dad", (William Borthwick), asked my Dad to tell him all about college, since it was something he never experienced. After my Dad was done telling him about his first year at college, my great grandfather's response was this...

"College seems to have taught you what you can't do.

I didn't know I couldn't do anything, so I did EVERYTHING!"

This statement came from a man who was born in Kinderhook, Illinois, the baby of 7.

His father worked for the railroad, and his mother died in childbirth with him.

He left the house at age 13, with a 3rd grade education, to leave an abusive home, and never looked back!

I was lucky enough to find a recording of him from an interview of his amazing life.

In the interview, he said he read everything he could, and asked those around him for things he couldn't find in books.

He died at the age of 100, 2 months shy of 101, with the title of Tax Commissioner of the Territory of Hawaii, he had started a savings and loan that was in the family until the 1980's, and owned a mortuary that still bears the family name to this day in Honolulu.

He never let his lack of formal education hold him back from LEARNING!

He never let the naysayers hold him back form his dreams, and more importantly,

the word impossible was never part of his vocabulary or every day vernacular.

I guess what I'm trying to convey, is that inspiration is a very powerful thing!

It can change the course of our lives in one split second.

Lack of education doesn't mean you can't,

it only means you must find a way to learn.

Asking for help isn't a sign of weakness, it's the way we grow.

Some are uncomfortable asking for advice, or help.

Being uncomfortable means were reaching outside our norm...

That is always a good thing!

The day we stop learning is the day we die.

Somehow I always knew I'd make it here!

I never let the proverbial "road blocks" get in my way.

And here I am, with my dream family, living my dream life!

I think "Dad" would be proud!

I think of his amazing life and perseverance, and whenever I feel I just CAN'T...I remember what "Dad" Borthwick said,

"I didn't know I couldn't do anything, so I did EVERYTHING!"

I think those are words all of us should live by!Thank you for stopping by the ranch...and keep finding INSPIRATION, for you'll never know where it will lead you!