Living Your Best Life? Can't we just be MODERATE?

My younger sister Heather, {by 17 months LOL!}, and I talk EVERY day!

She's my Best Friend, My First Friend, My Therapist, and Partner in Crime.

We finish each other's sentences...we have our own language...that usually starts with a movie quote or song from a musical.


Heather & Me

One day we were discussing the world's problems over coffee...over the phone...the same way we start every day. Talking about our own daily Mom/Housewife Drama.

Discussing how lucky we are to have each other, especially to remind ourselves that life isn't all flowers and champagne.

And we were sarcastically, in very sassy character voices, saying we're so sick of hearing in the media this simple phrase...{that's not so simple}...

"Live your BEST Life"!

Then Heather said..."Can't we just be moderate?"

{I literally spit out my coffee from laughing so hard!!!}

She continued..."Why does everything feel like we have to be BEST or EXTRA?".

It was like a HUGE light bulb went off inside me!


I mean, we totally get the core of the message...BEST could be "moderate" for you...but REALLY???

I mean who is really ever striving for moderate?

Heather and I both had a very tumultuous and difficult childhood...IT WAS ALWAYS EXTRA! So we were always striving for survival and moderate!

Today we both have amazing kids and husbands, (if we do say so ourselves, LOL), and are living really great lives.

We both realize "BEST" is a lot of pressure, but maybe some people need to hear that MODERATE is FABULOUS!!!

Best is relative...but for most people with the every day images of elaborate vacations, homes, wardrobes, cars, ETC. ETC. I think it can be hard to see a moderate life as BEST. Some days my laundry is all done, nice meals are on the table, the house is super clean, and other days I'm just happy that the ranch animals are taken care of, and that I made it into a bra and got some concealer on my dark circles.

Heather, thank you so much for helping me live my BEST Moderate Life, and for giving it a label!

I never feel completely together...does anyone really?

And the best part about that's totally NORMAL!

We're all just trying to get through each day, finding a little piece of happiness.

It could be a coffee shop with no line, a dishwasher that was started without you asking, a beautiful sunset at the end of a long day.

After we got off the phone, I realized that our little conversation changed my whole outlook on my daily life. I'm now doing my BEST to live a moderate life and look for the BEST moments in the simplest things and be even more thankful!

Yesterday I was thankful that my older dog, Mr. Darby, didn't mark in the house...

SEEEEE, it was the BEST day that week in my Fabulous Moderate Life.

Now go out there and Live Your BEST MODERATE Life EVER!!!