Our Farmhouse Kitchen Design Questions Answered

I get questions about our farmhouse almost weekly!

From layout, room size, island size, and even questions like this one:

"Where is your microwave, or do you even have one?"

I have answered some of these in past posts on Instagram and here, but I thought I'd share again some answers to some of your questions, and share some design tips for planning a kitchen design or remodel.

When planning our kitchen design, I knew a few things I wanted from the beginning.

I made a list of the Must Haves.

I know this probably sounds obvious, but I think for some people, they know when the see a kitchen they LOVE, but the details of why they love it are missed. so making a list of what the loves or must have's are, will help keep your design in check.

So, for our kitchen I had this:

1. White, traditional, not beveled, subway tile (keeping with the old farmhouse feel)

2. La Cornue Fe Stainless and Brass range with French Top

3. White Quartz or Marble counter-tops with an island as big as I can get it!

4. Cabinets with outlets to hide all other appliances

5. White walls and trim same color (Alabaster, Sherwin Williams)

This list will help you, or a designer, keep your priorities in the forefront of the design process. Also, providing pictures of your favorite/inspo kitchens will help narrow down your design style/taste too.

What some clients describe to me in "design terms", isn't the same for all, ie. French Country, Rustic, Traditional....it's all relative! Photos paint an accurate picture of the style you desire.

Back to the Questions:

1. Where is your microwave, or do you have even have one?

Yes, we do...

I added outlets here and other cabinets to house the wireless printer and microwave.

This keeps our kitchen feeling like an old farmhouse with a new life.

Do like my fuzzy socks in the reflection? Commence eye roll and giggle! I didn't notice this until I posted...meh...oh well!

My niece gave me those for Christmas...They are the BEST!!

2. How long is your island and what material is it?

It is 10' long and made of quartz.

I wanted marble, but they literally make you sign documents/waivers. Because it's very porous and I'm clumsy, therefore; quartz it IS!

3. Where are your light fixtures from?

Almost all of my light fixtures are from Lee Lighting in Plano Texas.

The only exception are the secondary fixtures in the pantry, laundry room, wine room and kids bedrooms.

4. What are the dimensions of the kitchen table and where did you get the chairs?

5' X 6' Almost square and perfect for the built in seating.

The chairs are from Weirs Furniture in Plano Texas.

5. Where did you get your barstools from and sideboard/sofa table?

They are also from Weirs Furniture.

6. Why do you have a sofa facing the kitchen?

I realized after living here a year, that everyone uses the barstools, but they also wanted to chat with me while I was cooking and let's face it...barstools padded or not, get uncomfortable after a while.

I rearranged the sofas from flanking either side of the fireplace, to here, and all of a sudden everyone, kids included, were using this space to relax, hang out, watch me cook, have a cup of coffee, read a book etc. It's been a great addition!

7. Is the white kitchen hard to keep clean?

We used a high quality paint from Sherwin Williams, because we do LIVE here.

The paint has done really well over the 2 years living here!

I wash it often, and it has worn well. The tile is a ceramic and super easy to clean.

I think the key to keeping things clean is to clean it regularly.

I know that sounds obvious too, but I get asked often if my kitchen really stays like this...

YES it does!

It is cleaned after each meal 3 times daily. The dishwasher runs at least once a day. We run it at night, unload each morning, so breakfast and lunch dishes can be loaded right away.

The counter-tops are cleaned after each meal too.

This helps keep the kitchen ready for the next meal and no questions about how "clean" everything really is.

Yes, I'm a self described clean freak. I had food poisoning once from cross contamination...NEVER AGAIN!

This keeps our kitchen not only clean, but healthy too, especially with so many of us going in different directions.

Farmhouse Kitchen Rule: Clean up after you eat and then there's no guessing if it's clean and sterilized!

8. What kind of oven is that, and do you like it?

It is a La Cornue Fe and I LOVE IT!

It is a French oven and I added a french top for easy cooking.

The oven took some getting used to, but it bakes evenly and beautifully.

Another Design Tip: Know Your Lifestyle & Know Your Limits...

And design a kitchen that Compliments it, Not Conflicts it!

I am a clean freak!

Form and function are a must, and can be evenly distributed.

There are some that say form over function or vice versa...I say you can have BOTH and not one over the other!

Our kitchen has everything easily accessible and still has the look and feel I wanted for our home and lifestyle.

Thank you for all your Questions and Comments on here and Instagram. Your support and kind words are what keep me sharing!

Have a Fabulous Weekend and Thank You for Stopping by the Ranch!