Paleo Banana Bread...And it's GREAT!

Growing up going to Honolulu almost every summer to visit my family, fresh fruit and vegetables was a staple in every meal. I think at some point my family was sure I was destined to be a vegetarian, until a steak was put on my plate and quickly devoured, LOL!

But, there was no doubt that I had a love of all fruits and veggies.

I ALWAYS have them around!

But my Love Affair with BREAD is REAL....

If you are new to stories about me, then you probably don't know that I'm a severe asthmatic from childhood. I never had allergic reactions to food until my 30's. Then, I started having anaphylaxis with fish. I LOVED fish...this was so sad. I have had reactions to peanut butter recently too...SAY IT ISN'T SO!

Then, as I got into my late 30's, I started having hair loss...(thank GOD I had a lot of hair to start with), eyelashes disappearing, and skin issues. I kept trying to explain to my Dr's, that I was losing hair...A LOT! The Dr's couldn't see it...back to the..."I had a LOT of hair". I also noticed a gradual weight gain, for no reason...I eat really late night ice cream binges...this was puzzling me.

FINALLY, a long time Dr of mine saw the issue and believed me. He discovered the cause! Because of my daily inhaled steroid use of many decades, my body was now sensitive to my intake of grains. The grains combined with the steroids, caused internal issues making my absorption of nutrients difficult, and was slowing my metabolism to a crawl.

Therefore, the reason to why I was losing large amounts of hair, and gaining weight was revealed. This sensitivity was primarily with wheat. This was also effecting my inflammation levels in my lungs.

Who knew?

I think there are a lot of carb conscious people out there, that probably already know all this.

But, I was a protein and veggie eater with the occasional roll at dinner. I adore salads and soups...I have been the same weight since high school. I thought "what the heck is happening"?But let's face occasional croissant was now effecting me greatly!

This was so strange to process and adjust to.

FOLKS, I LOVE & ADORE...well, I'm a tad obsessed with BREADS of ALL kinds!

*(french toast, muffins, croissants, pastas, sandwiches, buttermilk biscuits, malasadas (Portuguese donuts) catch my drift...this was NOT OK!!!)

This message from my Dr's was...(for me)...devastating.

I know a tad dramatic, but to me the feeling was real! Even though bread in my diet wasn't a daily thing...the idea of getting rid of breads was really frustrating. I felt like a rebellious teenager when I would sneak a 1/8th of an inch bite of a muffin...more eye rolling...this is ridiculous!

They said I wasn't celiac, but it would help if I cut down/got rid of starches and grains.

Let's face it...when someone tells you that you shouldn't have something, you want it MORE!!!

But, I knew for the sake of my weight, (I have favorite pants that I'm NOT replacing), hair, eyelashes, and skin to return to some kind of normal, (Commence Eye Rolling), I needed to "ADULT", and start doing for myself what was necessary.

So, I started collecting recipes that were grain free.

I won't lie, I was VERY skeptical about the taste.

I love veggies and I'm not a sugar freak, so I wasn't too worried, but I was concerned about breads tasting too veggie, too dry, or really nutty.

I'm not a huge nut fan...(probably the slight allergy talking). But regardless, I was hesitant to be super excited about my grain free options in recipes.

However, when I found fabulous recipes for BREADS, I was THRILLED!!!


I won't die without breads in my life! LOL!

I tried this recipe for banana bread this week and it was a hit!

Teenager tested and Dad approved.

I was already on board, because, well, its Banana Bread...key word BREAD!!!

I found this fabulous recipe on PINTEREST and have it pinned in my Wheat & Gluten Free board

or the recipe can be found HERE The recipe also has instructions for making this into muffins.

Here are the Ingredients...(not pictured coconut oil)

NOTE: I will be doubling the recipe next time, because I LOVE thick loaves.

And if you are wondering, (like I was), it was VERY moist, the texture was normal, and it was very filling.

When your a lover of wheat breads...texture and moisture is definitely a "thing".

I was so happy with the taste and the simplicity of this recipe, that I will definitely be making this a lot!

I think most of us struggle with too many carbs, and this was a very good morning bread alternative. Around the ranch, like many other homes, life gets super crazy, and we need things that are "quick grab" foods to eat or snack on. This is a perfect addition to my list of Quick Grab Recipes.

I still struggle to keep all grains out, but I figure that "everything in moderation" works well for me. I am not a bread/grain hoarder, but I do indulge with tiny scoops of rice...It's a Hawaii thing...rice is a staple! And I enjoy an occasional croissant with my coffee.

But, when I feel cravings coming on, making a loaf of bread like this, is PERFECT for letting me feel like I'm indulging without the guilt...and hair loss...Funny...Not Funny....SIGH!

Enjoy this amazing Banana Bread with your coffee or tea!...We did.

Wishing You a Fabulous Sunday from Thistle Hill Ranch.

Stop by the Ranch and say Hi again soon!