Prepping Your Home for the Winter & Holidays

First, I have to say ...Where did October go?

I literally lost a month! Sigh...

Well, now Fall is in full swing and preparation for the Winter months & Holidays BEGIN!!

I get asked a lot by friends and family as well as on Instagram, how I prepare for the Holidays.

I start by doing what I call,

The BIG Clean!

This is done twice a year. I like to get everything organized and fresh before the season changes. The holidays are busy enough, I always want to NOT stress, and Enjoy!

This means making your home fresh, organized and ready for anything the season brings you!

So I start by doing a room a day. Not too overwhelming and easy to accomplish.

I vacuum, mop, dust, EVERYTHING!

That means light fixtures, baseboards, and even walls...yes walls, they do get dirty too. I really get after all the closets, and get them organized in every room.

Again, holidays are busy...this way, there's no worry about last minute've got's organized!

Here are some more detailed tips of things I do to get my home Winter and Holiday ready.

AGAIN...Do 1 project a day...don't overwhelm yourself!

The Closets:

I rotate the clothing, put away summer clothing and get the winter clothing out.

At the end of Spring, I launder or take all our nice coats to be dry cleaned to be ready for the next Winter. I bought a bunch of garment bags from Wal-Mart like these, and store them in those to keep them fresh, and dust free.

I do this also for all my nice Holiday linens at the end of each season.

Also, you can launder them yourself and send them to the cleaners to just press them.

This is so nice for people like me that have linens I prefer to launder myself, but don't have time to press. This is also something I do to make my life easier and stress free.

{Side Note: This is also a great time of year to rotate your mattress, (Flip and Switch Ends) I also vacuum our mattresses to keep them dust free and we have covers too. And your Winter bedding should be cleaned and fresh before placing on your beds. I also re-launder those big blankets and comforters to make sure they are dust free and fresh!}

The crystal and silver is polished and cleaned for stress free impromptu guests and entertaining.

The Rugs and Furniture:

I usually get my sofas and rugs professionally cleaned once a year. This helps the life of your furniture and rugs and keeps your home healthy. I have asthma and this also helps eliminate dust mites and allergens in the home. Also, who doesn't love a clean and fresh home before receiving guests!


Because we live in the country I really try to keep our pantry well stocked and clean, but that doesn't mean life doesn't get busy and things get out of sorts. So, I reorganize, wipe down shelves and make sure baking, cooking, and cleaning staples are well stocked. You never know when the weather or illness could make you home-bound. So I really try to be prepared.


I rotate my linens, (all towels and sheets), after each laundry cycle to make sure fresh linens are put on the bottom, to keep my linens lasting longer. This is the same for cleaning products are placed to the back!

*This is also the time of year to change batteries in your smoke detectors.

I go through all cold medicines and clean old out and make a list of what is needed for new.

This includes toiletries and paper products. I normally keep 3 kleenex boxes and 2 toilet paper packages per bathroom at all times.

We got the flu for the first time in 10 years last January...I was never more relieved to have a stocked pantry, and bathroom!


I sweep and wash off and clean porch furniture, rugs and flooring. I clean windows inside and out twice year minimum. I clean them a lot more because I LOVE my windows and a clear view. But cleaning them also helps maintain them too from etching that can occur from debris. I clean inside of the sills by vacuuming and wiping them out to help the window seals work efficiently.

I also vacuum the porch furniture and make note of any wooden furniture in need of staining.

This is usually done once a year to help maintain the life of the wooden furniture.


I thoroughly sweep out the garage, and oraganize it all! Make sure all winterizing is done of exterior pipes and plants and get winter products out and easily accessible. like de-icing items and chargers for batteries etc.

In one likes a scavenger hunt!

Also, we just had a cord of wood delivered yesterday to stay ahead of the rush, and checked our propane tank... we have electric heat but cook with propane. Luckily during the power outage during the ice storm last year, we were stocked with wood and had a way to prepare meals.

I hope these tips will help Keep you Calm and Stress Free over the Holidays!

Have a Great Week and Check Back soon, for Thanksgiving Tablescape ideas.