Simple Styling For Any Table in Your Home

I asked on Instagram what you would like to read about here on the blog, and I was asked by Donna, about tips for styling tables in your home .

Styling accent tables, coffee tables, end tables, etc. can be intimidating.

How do you style them to look effortless and yet not cluttered?

There are some very easy tips to make every table in your home look perfectly styled!

1. Three items = Odd Number 2. Tall, Medium, Short 3.Texture & Color

First I feel like I should say, I'm not professionally trained in design.

I've always loved beautiful spaces! I was rearranging my bedroom furniture when I was 6...sliding them around my hardwood floors, much to my parents dismay..commence eye rolling! LOL!

I know that growing up with grandmothers that had keen eyes for design, had a big impact in my life, and my great grandfather was an esteemed architect in Honolulu. The family joke is, that at age 3, I had pointed out a "blucky building"...They said I stuck my tongue out at ugly buildings, and they all figured I would turn out to be an architect like him! LOL!

So one could say, it's in my blood!

So here I am, now in my mid 40's, and I've had the privilege of designing new homes, redesigning old homes, and large commercial projects.

Over time, you realize as a designer, that design is about setting the mood and telling na story.

This is true for someones home or business.

You're telling anyone that walks through your door what you're about.

So, when I have clients, friends, or family ask me for design advice or tips...I ask a LOT of questions!

I'm designing the space for them...not me!

I don't have to live there...they do!

So it doesn't matter what I like!

My job as a designer is to design a space that makes you smile...not me!

Now having said that, my job is to pull together what you like, and make it all flow and tell your story.

Styling a table in your home is REALLY easy!

I'll walk you through these examples, and then hopefully it will make styling your own tables EASY too!

Just Remember These 3 Tips:

1. ODD Numbers

2. Tall, Medium, Short (Usually Arranged Left to Right)

3. Texture & Color

Our Library Table:

I wanted this room to feel like an English library with a ranch flare. So a collected, semi-cluttered, yet organized feel was what I was going for here.

!. Odd number of groupings: Notice I have 5 groups!

2. Tall, Medium and Short: When styling a table I like to have the tall on the left and short on the right or right center. The plant has grown taller now, LOL! but it is still "Tall" in the group of 3 to the right...see how it still works???

3. Texture & Color: I used the books in similar colors, an open book, and the succulent plant ALL have texture, but in similar color tones. I love the pop of green that is still a neutral and yet gives life to the space.

Our Formal Dining Room Sideboard Table:

In this room I wanted everything to feel light, traditional, and a tad formal, with a rustic flare.

1. Odd Number: 3 items/groups

2. Tall, Medium, Short: I gave the illusion of "Tall" with the ice bucket by raising it on a wood charger, which also added a rustic texture to this formal space...This is a ranch after-all ;>)

The medium, is the wine carafe and thistle cordial glasses, I added the silver serving platter to anchor them, and not leave them floating on the table, which also added a formal feel.

The "short", is the crystal bowl from my great great grandmothers collection, and gave a little bit of glam to the space.

3. Texture & Color: I loved the silver elements to give a formal feel, and give some "weight" to the table...too much crystal would feel too lightweight!

The crystal bowl by itself without the silver tray feels more effortless and stands alone nicely with its ornate need to fill the bowl. You could however add seasonal fruit to help tell the story of the season...Lemons, green apples, pomegranates, etc!

I wanted it to have a monochromatic Silver/grey, crystal (which has a white feel), and the wood color lighter than the table color...

Notice it's still an odd number... 3-colors!

Kitchen Table:

For our kitchen table I wanted to table to stand out, and yet make it feel light and airy...not too much going on!

1. Odd Number: 3 items

2. Tall, Medium, and Short: Here, I chose to not compete with the iron light fixture.

I used the silver and glass Hurricane Candle holders (from the Southern Living Collection at Dillard's), and a colored bowl center with fruit. I loved how the silver lightened up the feel of the heavy table, and added an elegant feel.

The blue and white pedestal bowl with oranges, brought in the blue and white I have scattered around the house, and a nice pick-me-up color with the oranges...and we DO eat them! LOL!

3. Texture & Color: I build from the bottom up... I love using table runners, because they are an easy way to help a table feel styled and not too formal. Here I wanted the white to lighten up the heaviness of the farm style table. The silver carries the chrome from the kitchen and their shine gives a very informal space a little bit of glam! The blue and white feels really like 1 Color...So I have that in the throw pillows and the accent bowl.

So AGAIN 3! Silver/Grey, White, & Blue.

Living Room Coffee Table:

For the coffee table in our living room, the temptation is to add more...I've done it!!

Because, from the sitting position here, it feels like I need 3...But I don't!

Everyone that walks into the room, sees it from this angle first!

So 1 nice TALL-ISH arrangement that is centered is great!

Or, I could also place 1 SHORT and wide bowl of fruit or moss balls...

Now let's talk Texture and Color...

Here, I have a lot going on with the texture, and visual movement in the table itself.

So the table need a solid color decor item, and nothing too busy!

I have had all white decor items, and now this dark slate grey container, with all white flowers.

That way, visually, there are only 3 colors...See... ODD numbers again!

The flowers give a lightness to the heavy table, and heavy container.

This is a space I actually did over the phone for a friend,LOL!

I asked her to send me a photo so I could share with you!

Yes, over the phone...

We "facetimed" the space, and then over the next few days she was sending me photos from stores with, "Like this?" "How about this?", LOL!

So, styling tables can be intimidating to anyone!

She has an amazing home, and has amazing taste, but these two tables were ready for a revamp, and she was out of ideas.

1. Odd Numbers: For both tables it was 3!

2. Tall, Medium, and Short:

TALL- She found this vase like my gold one on my entryway table...I LOVE it!

MEDIUM- She needed something bowl-like...

I mentioned to her, that I had seen this beautiful clam shell from Pottery Barn and she loved it!

She can leave it empty or for the holidays fill it with silver ornaments... And use it for parties as a beverage container with's a very versatile piece!

SHORT: This table is VERY large! Tiny pieces would be dwarfed on this table... so large pieces were necessary. The large coffee table books were a great "short", or low item for the grouping.

3. Texture & Color: With the dark wood table, we needed to soften the look, by the use of color, and also pull in the metals from her light fixtures and furniture in the space (not shown).

{Above this table is a large glass/non-faceted crystal and silver's STUNNING!!

So the table needed to pull that bit of glam down from the chandelier onto the table.}

The bumpy texture on the silver vase and the opalescent finish inside the shell, was exactly what this space needed!

It pulled the silver in, the shine, and added subtle touches of grey to tie in the grey in the room. Now that heavy table suddenly feels less HEAVY!!

Notice the side table has similar colors and textures.

The ODD (3 items), TALL, MEDIUM, SHORT, and Texture & Color!

I Hope that Helps!

Thank you so much Donna for the blog post suggestion!

Hopefully, I have my Blog Mojo BACK!!

Thank you for being patient with my lack of posts! This summer has been crazy busy!

And as ALWAYS, thank you for stopping by the ranch!