Summer is Here at Thistle Hill Ranch

Summer at Thistle Hill Ranch is porch sitting, iced tea sipping, and sometimes a Chardonnay for sunset watching.

Thistle Hill Ranch is usually filled with lots of projects!

This Summer is no exception!!!

We are finishing up Thistle House and getting ready to put it up for vacation rental.

We are so excited to open our little house and share this place, Thistle Hill Ranch, that we call home.

The sign for Thistle House FINALLY came in!!! And it looks so great! I can't wait to get it hung up!

I have a few more bedding pieces to purchase, and a few more knick-knacks.

I keep tweaking and re-tweaking! Nervousness I guess!

I guess I'm feeling really insecure about it! SIGH...

This home was built in1982 and we fixed up a smidge. One of my friends, who lives nearby said it was too fancy for here, LOL, and another friend said I need to relax, that it's beautiful. Love my sweet friends that are helping me off the ledge of nervousness!

The house was here, the finishes are what they are...I repainted, installed new hardware in the kitchen...but, it is what it is...a 1980's house.

I just hope people aren't looking for a quaint cottage from the 1800's....EEK...

It's so scary putting yourself and your property out there!

But, the views are SO pretty, and we're so close to so many things to do!

We're 30 minutes from Oklahoma and the casinos, only minutes to Lake Ray Roberts, the Red River, and only 25 minutes to Lake Texoma.

From Thistle House, you can see the pond and our sweet ducks and geese roaming around. The love stealing shade under the trees at Thistle House. Our horses are always up by Thistle House meandering. The back porch is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing day or evening. And, of course the stars...if you live in the city, you forget how many stars there always takes my breath away and we've lived here 4 years.

Thistle House means so much...

The view from the front yard at Thistle House

Thistle House in the Background: When the rains come in, the dry creek bed fills, and we get even more beauty!

The little house was built for the sweet wife of the son whose family who had lived on this property since the 1850's. He built this sweet home for their retirement. It was small enough that there was money leftover to travel the world, and big enough to welcome there friends and family, as well as all their sweet grandchildren.

You can even see their grandchildren's names carved in concrete around the outside of the home.

When we saw Thistle House, for the first time, we saw not that it was outdated, or in need of a little love, but that this sweet little house stood on everything we had dreamed of!

This sweet home, that stood on historic land with a heart, and had so much to offer our little family.

The spring fed creek, the wildlife flying over, or running through the pastures, the pond for afternoon fishing, the numerous native pecan trees, rolling hills, and of course the purple thistles on the hill.

Thistle House was the place our boys could see millions of stars every night, and where they saw their first falling star, while sitting by the campfire at the pond.

So, the house may not be fancy, but the gifts Thistle House has given us, far out weighs it's lack of glitz.

Maybe I'm delaying opening the doors because I'm nervous as heck...YIKES!

So, I'm taking a deep breath, chipping away at the list of smalls, finishing up the little house that we started our journey in the country in, so we can share Thistle House and our ranch with others. We will be opening it's doors to share with others soon!

Thank you for stopping by the ranch and we hope to see you at Thistle House very soon!