Thanksgiving Tablescape Ideas

Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away! Can you believe it???

Thanksgiving at the ranch is a full day!

We start out the day watching the Macy's parade, a family tradition, over a nice casual breakfast and start the turkey.

Then my family comes over around 1 o'clock in the afternoon. We then take the kids horseback riding and/or skeet shooting. We love taking hikes around the ranch and just hanging out outside. We've been very fortunate that each year here at the ranch the weather has been beautiful.

I really try to keep the Thanksgiving dinner table very casual with a touch of elegance. This way it feels special, but not fussy.

I thought I'd share some simple tablescape ideas that I use for Thanksgiving.

First, you'll notice I don't use a tablecloth. I feel like people are more relaxed when it looks less formal and to me a tablecloth implicates caution and care...don't spill, don't snag, it feels like a lot of don'ts. When it's a formal event, I do use tablecloths. But my family is more casual during Thanksgiving.

So, NO tablecloths it is!!!

I have 4 different chargers I use to set the mood or tone of the table.

I have 2 different plates too.

Napkins...I have a gazillion different colors...that's up to you! I'll be showing two different napkin choices.

I also have 2 different wine glass choices too.

Here are the Examples:

This example has the bottom charger is from the Gracious Goods collection from Horchow. The silver/galvanized charger is from Hobby Lobby, but on the website it says $6.99 I purchased it in the store with the sticker saying $4.99. The Ralph Lauren crystal wine glasses I found at Home Goods. The napkins I found from World market and I had them monogrammed with our ranch logo. Use any plate, and a simple mini pumpkin to finish it off. You could also tie with a little twine a hole punched card with the persons name on it to the pumpkin for a simple place card too!

This pheasant plate i found at Home Goods many years ago too. You have to shop early for seasonal items...they go quickly!

Here it is with the GG charger and the Galvanized charger and the all clear crystal glasses. The hobnail glasses I found on Wayfair, I couldn't find them again, but I did find these on Dillards. I used a simple pinecone with a place card to finish it off.

Here all I did was change out the galvanized charger for a gold one...see what a simple change can do! I got the gold chargers years ago. I think they have them everywhere. I found some here at walmart...they even have some with beading on the edge for the same price.

I changed out the other chargers and replaced it with a wooden charger my boys cut for me. Still elegant but with a touch of rustic.

Now, here are some other ideas with white plates.

This one I kept the wood charger, added the hand-painted Fall wine glasses from my parents, and a rustic barbed wire looking napkin ring to the white monogrammed girly napkin.

I simply changed out the napkin and it changed it to a more modern, more tailored or masculine feel. Which is still off set by the feminine floral arrangement and glasses.

One Last Tip:

I like to keep my floral centerpieces low enough that guests can see over them, a few candles, and scattered pine-cones are always an elegant and easy way to dress a table and still keep room in the center for family style serving if necessary.

I hope this helps you have a relaxing and more importantly, a memorable Holiday with your Family and Friends.