Thistle House at Thistle Hill Ranch

We are so excited to FINALLY be able to share a little piece of our life at Thistle Hill Ranch with you.

We have been carefully planning and prepping our guest house here at the ranch for you to be comfortable and enjoy the views of our country life.

I was so excited to announce it on Instagram, and then suddenly I was shaking...literally, physically shaking!

The anxiety of the reveal overwhelmed me!

My friends were asking why???...

All I could think was, who will stay here?

It's not Waco or Austin,

It's not a turn of the century cottage,

It's not a major destination,

It's not fancy,

It has lots of wildlife...pretty to look at, (Blue Heron, Wild Turkey, Deer, Kill Deer birds, Great Horned Owls), and sometimes scary ones!

(Snakes, Snapping Turtles, Wasps, Coyotes)

What if people complain about wildlife we cant control???'s the country! EEEEK!

And then the "It's Not's and What If's" CONTINUED in my head!

I was literally panicking!!!

Then as I told my sweet friends, they started giggling, with sympathetic giggles...and reminded me of why we started this journey in the first place.


They said to me and my husband,

"You need to rent this place's AMAZING!"

Even our mail carrier said, "you know there are people that travel here for their horses. They would love to rent this while they get their horses trained and taken care of by local vets".

So, the journey to making Thistle House a vacation rental began!

We moved to Thistle Hill Ranch, 5 years ago, to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. We wanted to be close enough to civilization; yet, far enough away to have peace and quiet and see the stars.

If you've read my previous blog posts then you know the history of the ranch. But here's a quick refresher:

The ranch was settled in the 1850's and owned by the same family until our purchase 5 years ago. The original farmhouse had been moved off the property many decades ago.

The last owner was one of 4 brothers raised on this property. The stories of this ranch were told to us by his sweet widow upon the purchase of our new forever home. I was so grateful to her for sharing the memories of her husband's life here at the ranch.

She told us a sweet story of the brothers when they were little, hiding behind the many pecan trees along the creek, patiently waiting for the baptisms in the creek,(from the old church that used to stand at the end of our road), to be finished so they could go swimming.

Then, she told us that he asked her when they retired if she would like to move to the ranch and build a home. She agreed! He then asked if she wanted a large home, or a small home and they could travel. She said she wanted to travel!

Thistle House was built in the early 80's, and was their home until he passed away. Then 6 years after his passing, she, (91 years old), decided to be closer to family in the metroplex.

So Thistle House became ours, to make new memories in with our little boys, 13 and 11 at the time.

Thistle House may not be fancy or historic, but it was our home while we built our forever home here at the ranch, and has welcomed many family and friends over the last 5 years.

It was after family and friends suggested we open the doors to others that we decided to give it a whirl!

They told us that they literally took a deep breath while enjoying our views by day, and were gasping at the beauty of all the stars at night.

They saw what we saw...Peace!

So if you want want to relax, fish in our pond, take a walk by the creek, sit under the canopy of pecan trees while horses bug you for a rub, and enjoy the stars and howling of coyotes at night, then Thistle House is for you!

Today I'm thankful for my sweet friends and their encouragement to let

Thistle House be enjoyed by others.

I'm also thankful for Thistle Hill Ranch...

This ranch has given many generations a lifetime of memories, relaxation and peace.

I'm thankful that our family is now part of it's history!

My hope is that those who visit, will see the beauty Thistle Hill Ranch has to offer in views and renewal of spirit!

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts and may you someday visit Thistle House!