Vintage By Design

If you stopped by the ranch last week, then you saw my post on how the design journey started with a historical inspiration.

Today's post in the series is about how I designed the kitchen with a historic feel, hiding most modern conveniences.

I will also share how I made every inch of space organized & functional, with easy access to everything a modern home chef would need to feel at home.

The Design Inspiration

The Kitchen at Moss Mansion

White subway tile, large metal hood, marble countertops...

What's not to LOVE!

The kitchen design had to have a vintage flare,

hide the modern appliances as much as possible,

and have lots of storage!

The hood for the oven and stove, I designed to have the look of a zinc metal hood.

I really wanted that dark contrast against all of the white, and a slightly historical flare.

By the way...The hood in Zinc would have been $12-20 thousand dollars!

UMMMM... that was WAY out of the budget!

So, to get the look of zinc, I showed a photo to the cabinet company of the inspiration, and they made a wood hood cover.

Then, we had it faux finished to mimic the zinc look.

We were so pleased with how it turned out!

I wanted an old looking cook top/oven combo, because I didn't want wall ovens to take away from the farmhouse feel.

La Cornue Fe was the final pick!

I loved the stainless steel, the touches of gold/brass, and the timeless look.

You may have noticed that I carried the touches of gold from the La Cornue fe into the light fixtures above the island. I loved their lantern style, industrial feel, and gold sparkle.

The cabinetry design for the whole house followed the same historic inspiration.

The cabinetry had to be these 4 things...

Simple, Classic, Understated, and WHITE!

Shaker style cabinetry was the final pick.

The double fridge and freezer needed to be counter depth, and hidden by cabinetry panels with hardware to coordinate with the cabinet hardware.

If you look to the right of the dishwasher you can see a narrow cabinet door, this holds all the cookie sheets that aren't kept in the pullout under the oven.

The Kitchen storage is plentiful, and I still have empty cabinets.

I love my hidden spice storage, which makes baking and cooking more convenient.

Another humongous PLUS!!

Each cabinet on either side of the oven has 2 pull out shelves, that make for getting cumbersome pots and pans much easier to obtain.

The pull-out cutting board really comes in handy during meal prep & parties!

The narrow cabinet underneath houses all the extra cutting boards.

Also, while looking at this photo, you'll notice the banquette...if you look closely you see on the left, at the end of the bench is a raised shaker panel to match the cabinetry.

It is a wonderful drawer that holds linens for the table, and each bench has storage inside!

The microwave and air printer are stored in the

tall cabinet to the right of the oven.

Easy access and out of sight.

The counter tops had to be marble or quartz, that looked like marble.

The quartz won for its durability.

After all, this is a ranch, I'm clumsy, I have teenage boys, there was a waiver to sign if we wanted marble...enough said! LOL!

Quartz Lyra it is!

The kitchen island is 10' long and I ADORE it!

I love being able to spread out while baking or cooking.

It really has been wonderful for entertaining too!

I get asked a lot on Instagram on where the coffee maker is, and actually, we use a french press. But, I did put an outlet in another cabinet that is perfect for a future coffee maker if we change our minds.

I chose a more modern hardware for the cabinetry, but for now with it being the trend, it's a clean sleek look. Hardware is an easy change down the road, if we get sick of it in 10 years.

The Butlers Pantry

I used hexagonal tiles in a mix of grey and white marble, with the Lyra quartz counter top.

The Party Pantry...or 2nd Butler's Pantry

This pantry has open shelving and quartz counter tops too.

The Kitchen Pantry

I never show the pantry because it is darn near impossible to photograph...but here it is!

The toaster on the left, and not seen, is a coffee bean grinder plugged in, which makes for more space in the kitchen.

Behind the curtains, is more shelving for, bottled waters, food, and appliances that aren't for everyday use.

The light fixture is hard to photograph when on... but, it's mason jars with Edison bulbs in a wire basket. I thought it was so cute for the pantry!

I'm a stickler for organization and cleanliness, so the pantry is no exception!

Staying organized makes our everyday life easier.

Our life, like many families, is super busy!

Having an organized pantry makes getting meals prepped much faster, and snacks easier to grab and go...

And, keeping the pantry organized means I'm able to see what's old and

what's running low very easily.

Once you take the time to organize your kitchen, maintaining it is a cinch!

Thank you for stopping by the ranch to say Hi, sit a spell, and let me share our kitchen!

Have a Fabulous Week!