Welcome IKE

Welcome our Newest Thistle Hill Ranch Family Member.

The boys work part time at a local feed store and this little guy and his brothers and sisters were looking for forever homes.

Well, our boys could't get this little guy out of their heads and brought him home!

He fell in love with our boys as much as they fell in love with him!

Ike is a border collie/blue heeler mix. He's bred for herding and loyalty.

Both breeds are fast learners. Lucky for us, that means training will be a tad easier!

He's already tried herding the cattle, but he's not too intimidating right now, LOL! He just turned 10 weeks, and he's already pretty much house trained!

He's already learned to ring the bell to go outside like the other dogs....

pretty good for the little guy!

He kisses our 2 farm cats and luckily they are both super sweet with him.

Mr. Duncan has been showing Ike the ropes.

Ike is ALWAYS ready to go!

Thank You for Stopping by the Ranch!

Have a fabulous rest of your weekend, and look for MORE adventures of IKE!