What's Happening at Thistle Hill Ranch

There's NEVER a dull moment around here!!

I feel like I'm constantly spinning my wheels, never catching up...SIGH!

Anyone else feel me????

Keeping it all together isn't easy and some days it's TOTALLY unattainable.

So, keeping myself organized is essential to my personal sanity, LOL!

I have lots of notes on my phone...all different categories: Homeschooling, Cattle, Horses, Vacation Rental, ETC.

Ranch Happenings...

This week we're planning for pre-emergent for our pastures, to combat Spring weeds that impact our coastal hay.

Funny how it gets out of hand quickly...last year we missed the window and it was a rough year for our pastures. This year we're really trying to be diligent. It means the difference between having enough hay for the winter or buying hay!

North Pasture 2 years ago

Have I bored you yet? LOL!

Ranch Livestock News

Our ranch is busy, a lot of work, but VERY REWARDING!

The BEST part about all the hard work is the BABIES!

We've been on calf watch for over 2 weeks....They are taking their sweet time!!!

So, we WAIT....SIGH!!!

We have 2 calves due at the same time, so it should be fun to see 2 babies running around together! We can't wait!!

We're also creeping up on Spring when our geese start giving us goslings. It's a fun time of year at the ranch!

1st Calf of the Season...A GIRL!

Thistle House our Ranch Guest House and Vacation Rental

We've just welcomed our 1st guest at Thistle House since we went LIVE!

{We're on Airbnb and VRBO and Home Away}

We already have 10 bookings! We are so excited!!

I'm really looking forward to sharing our place and hope those that stay at Thistle House enjoy it here at the ranch as much as we do!

Thistle House is located North on our property, near the entrance to our ranch.

When the seasonal creek is running into the spring fed creek, you can sometimes here the mini waterfalls by the entrance, from Thistle House.

The horses graze here and around the guest house, as well as so our ducks and geese.

This time of year you'll occasionally see Canadian geese visit our pond, and you can open up the Thistle House bluebird boxes and see tiny blue eggs and even new hatch-lings.

The blue heron is another frequent visitor to our pond as well as many other wildlife.

The other night, while driving home, we saw a great horned owl on the hay pasture fence....Never will forget that moment..they are so majestic!

There's always something to see here...it's one of the many things that made us fall in love with the place, and why we call it HOME.

We're still working on our Welcome Book for Thistle House, so visitors will have a little view into the areas happenings, interests, restaurants and things-to-do...it's the last thing to finish!

In the meantime we're hoping to meet our guests that visit before it's finished and help in any way we can to make their stay comfortable!

Ranch life is never dull, but always rewarding! Now being able to share it with others makes it even more special.

Thank you so much for stopping by the ranch...we're sure glad you did!